How to determine the purity of gold? Method for identifying the purity of gold jewelry

Most of the young people in the new era pursue diamonds, platinum, and 18K gold jewelry, but our elders, and even our generation, still have a lot of people who have a special liking for gold jewelry. We know that the price of gold is re-transparent, so what should you pay attention to when purchasing gold jewelry? In fact, it is the purity of gold. Not many big jewelers have been exposed to insufficient gold! So how do you determine the purity of gold? A method for identifying the purity of gold jewelry.

Gold jewellery refers to jewellery made from gold as the main raw material. It can be divided into pure gold and K gold according to its gold content: the gold content of pure gold jewellery is over 99% (99% is the usual gold, 99.9). % is thousands of gold, and the gold bars we buy are generally 99.99%, and there are also 99.999% high-purity gold); K-gold jewelry is made of other metals such as silver and copper metal in its gold material. According to the gold content, it is divided into different K numbers, such as 18K (the gold content is 75%). The former is expensive and has a value-added function, while the latter is much cheaper.

Gold jewelry

“There are many methods for identifying gold jewelry,” experts said. Simply put: a look at the color, in general, according to the different luster and color of gold can be roughly divided into pure gold, K gold, real gold, fake gold, she said, "gold is better than red, color is above 95% Second, look at the density, you can use the formula "the quality of a certain gold jewelry (g) / the volume of a certain gold jewelry (cubic centimeters) = density" to calculate the density of the measured gold jewelry, the density is about 19.32 g / cubic centimeter It is pure gold or purer gold, otherwise it is non-pure gold or color difference gold; 30% hardness, high color with nails will leave traces, 97% of the color of gold jewelry, after bending two or three times, Wrinkles appear in the bend, 95% of the color of the gold jewelry, feels hard when bent, about 90% of the color of the gold jewelry, bending is very hard, and gold jewelry containing more impurities, bending two or three times off.

In addition, to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of gold can also listen to the rhyme, look at the elasticity, if the use of tools, the easiest is to use the touchstone to identify the color, that is, using the gold pair and the tested jewelry on the touchstone, by comparing the color, determine the quality of gold jewelry .

How to determine the purity of gold? A method for identifying the purity of gold jewelry. With the opening of the gold market, gold is one of the important metals for value preservation, and it is getting more and more attention from consumers. It is necessary to have a certain understanding of the simple method of determining the purity of gold.

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