Dry cleaning machine leather cleaning methods and precautions

Leather in the dry cleaning process, we are satisfied that the best is fully enclosed dry cleaning machines, the best selection of dry cleaning agents fluoride or chloride liquid, leather cleaning when adding special additives for dry cleaning. Leather before dry cleaning to analyze the type of leather or dirt, and then classified according to the color of the leather coat, wash the light wash dark. There are three basic operations for dry-cleaning leather: cleaning, degreasing and drying: (1) Cleaning: We usually start with light-colored leather to dry-clean the liquid mixture in the machine: dry cleaning liquid (PCE), fatliquor, Agent; washing time decided by the type of leather, washed light-colored leather, and then wash the dark leather, each time to add a small amount of fatliquors and strong detergents, because these two additives will be washed leather The amount of absorption can refer to the following table: Tetrachlorethylene (KG) Fatliquor (KG) Strong detergent (KG) Washing time (minutes) Light-colored leather 100 KG 2 KG 0.3 ~ 0.5 KG 10 minutes Intermediate color leather clothing 100 KG 0.5 ~ 1 KG 7 minutes Dark leather 100 KG 0.5 ~ 1 KG 5 minutes (2) Liquid removal: leather after cleaning in accordance with the above procedure time. The next step is to remove the skin leather, the excess fat and solution inside the leather fiber off, the time to liquid according to the different types of leather decided, but at high speed liquid removal time not more than 2 to 3 minutes, If the time is too long, will bring some damage to the leather fiber, it is best to finish the liquid after the leather drum to turn the case without warming turn around 5 minutes, so that the remaining in the leather fiber inside The fat and additives, in the entire leather uniform penetration. (3) drying: drying process can be divided into three stages: â‘  drum temperature rose to about 27 to 28 degrees, about 10 minutes. â‘¡ drum temperature rose to about 45 degrees, turn about 30 minutes. â‘¢ drum temperature rose to about 50 degrees, until the leather drying up. Matters needing attention: (1) Prior to leather washing, the cleaning solvent should be strived to clean the pipes, oil pumps, button collectors and rollers through the "small cycle" washing process to remove any sludge, impurities or impurities Dirt solvent, rinse solvent into the distiller. (2) To be dry Laundry must be pre-treatment, and then immediately dry cleaning, or leather to wash the office of water vapor exhausted, affecting the dry cleaning effect. (3) To be dry laundry should be properly loaded into the bag size, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. (4) Installed capacity should be lower than the normal rated capacity. According to leather pollution, generally not more than 70%, in order to improve the dry cleaning effect. (5) leather dry cleaning process is a very crucial part of the process. In some leather garments (such as reverse leather), the short run time may cause streaks or wrinkles on the leather, whereas some (such as aniline and semi-aniline leather) . (6) drying, the temperature shall not exceed 45 ~ 50 degrees.

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