Warm clothes for winter

Warm clothes for winter In the cold winter season, it is sometimes worn three floors three floors away, and it is still cold when it is outdoors. In fact, this may be the wrong way to dress.

In terms of materials, "soft and soft inside, warm in the outside and outside in the wind".

Clothing does not produce heat, but by buffering the convection between cold air and hot air on the surface to conserve heat. If underwear is worn too thick, it will not only be unsuitable, but will also increase the air convection in the underwear, which will reduce the warmth. Underwear should be made of thin, soft cotton material. The middle layer of clothing is not in contact with the skin. It is a warm layer and has a strong hygroscopicity. Wool, cashmere, and cotton are the most suitable materials. The coat should be mainly windproof, and the fabric should be dense. It is not appropriate to wear a knitted jacket.

In terms of style, "within the body, loose, outside the mouth."

Dry winter, sensitive skin, so underwear should be close, soft, non-irritating. Do not overtighten the middle clothing, moderately loose, otherwise not only not conducive to keeping warm, but also affect the body's body temperature regulation function, weakening the ability to keep out the cold. The collar, cuffs, waist, ankles, etc. of the outerwear are preferably closed.

On the site, "Gu two, legs thick, waist not exposed."

Both ends refer to the head and feet. Most of the body's calories are emitted from the head and feet, so be sure to pay attention to the warmth of these two parts. Dress should pay attention to the convergence of the waist, the top must cover over the waist, less wear low-waisted pants.

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