Delicate lace nude color underwear interpretation of a woman elegant and charming temperament

Set the charm of the East, the western style of the West, Diana underwear brand inherited the charm of the Luna, romantic, elegant style touched the hearts of women, to meet individual needs, bring more personal care.


Figure: Diana underwear

The use of advanced technology, natural modification of the chest line, adjust the chest curve, sexy noble by your grasp, the high chicken heart effectively concentrated gather the chest, instantly create a perfect and straight visual effects, widened lateral fat side of the fat to promote the cup, and the perfect package Fu under underarm fat, eliminate furs, lift the chest.

精致蕾丝裸色内衣  诠释女人典雅迷人气质

Figure: Diana underwear

Each woman has a lace plot, exquisite and elegant lace interpretation of a woman's elegant and charming temperament. Stretch mesh close to the skin, comfortable, excellent elasticity Long-lasting use of deformation, 3/4 three-dimensional rounded cup of natural modification chest line, heart shape adjustment chest, sexy noble by your grasp.

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