Congratulations to know the color underwear flagship store in Xiasha December 18 grand opening

December 18, Hangzhou, known color Women xiasha lively flagship store opening! Recalling the history of the development of intellectual color, known color has been a collection of clothing design, production and sales in one company. A full set of domestic companies using advanced production lines, and industry-leading product testing center, after years of solid business, has now taken the root in many cities across the country.

With a rich history and culture of the south of the Yangtze River as its connotation, into the modern fashion elements, through the superb design and superb craftsmanship, Zhicai seeks to simplify the way to express the unique brand style, reflecting the elegance, Octavia. Lean urban women on their own The perfect pursuit of women's rich content and beautiful appearance of the combination of color and shape to fully demonstrate the temperament and self-cultivation, and the Chong Chong fashion trends.


According to the reporter Xie Zhi Wen Xie Zhicai Women's total interview felt the knowledge of people's charm, thank you always frankly lay a good foundation to go further. Indeed, Chi Choi brand was established in 2009, although only 5 years, but not only in the country's market in possession of their place, but also in the industry has created one after another miracle.

That such a good business, we will be curious how to expand the market, select the franchisee it? Xie always one by one to explain to everyone, first of all, the requirements of the franchisee is still more relaxed. First of all, the most basic requirement is shop area must be more than 30 square, because this way we can show the image of the entire dish. Second, the franchisee must have a good reputation and operating funds. Again, is to agree with the company's business philosophy, abide by the company's articles of association, with the company's simultaneous development.

The main point of the Xie is mentioned is the word Proverb "honesty, mutual benefit and win!" And said it will keep sticking!

Xiasha flagship store opening will be known to consolidate the market in Hangzhou an important measure! We believe that such enterprises will be farther and farther! Flying higher!

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