What color down jacket What style is more suitable for children down jacket

Down jacket is an indispensable winter style, whether adults or children, down jacket is the warmest winter style, jacket what style suitable for children? What color with better, GMF children's clothing autumn and winter with the new style down jacket, bright colored down jacket for baby more dazzling. Photo credit: GMF Children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter series What color down jacket best look? This year's more popular purple, full of purple street rampant, you do not own one, to fashion together, purple down jacket style to take a pink sweater, cute and stylish, it is suitable for children's wear, pink bright color dress In the winter is absolutely dazzling. Now do not need a very fancy down jacket, a simple solid color style can show the child's cute side, pink short paragraph down jacket style, take a yellow plus velvet sweater, lower body with a color base stockings, dazzling and stylish , The overall bright color dress more dynamic.

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