Luxury Turkey, across the exotic Eastern Europe

Turkish-style felt fabric coat, vividly show the mysterious exotic, can not but reminiscent of the country's long history, as well as a rich cultural atmosphere ......

Wear TA, as if to come to this beautiful Eastern European country, through the fairy Pamukkale, came to the ancient town of Fethiye, all the way to enjoy the luxurious Turkish ethnic style ...

地素 - dazzle

Use warm felt excellent fabric, as a carrier of this gorgeous coat; magnificent printing, high-profile self-existence of the sense of existence; although full of mellow ethnic style, but the style itself reveals the atmosphere with the casual style Will breath, the impact of conflicts so that the coat more stylish charm!


The same kind of printed fabric shawl, coat and domineering slightly different. With a sense of grace of the cut, was decorated with a thin belt more affinity. Fashion has also been raised again!


Outdoor wearing this shawl, you can match a pair of long-sleeved leather gloves, not only warm, but also more momentum!

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