What is an organic gem?

I believe many people know synthetic gems and colored gems, but they are a new concept for organic gems. How do we buy the organic jewelry with the name "Alternative" jewelry? What is an organic gem?

Organic gemstone

In fact, the organic minerals formed by the action of ancient creatures and modern organisms that meet the requirements of gemstones are called organic gemstones. These things come from the derivation of organic materials, such as animals, plants, and various organisms. Natural organic gemstones give a warm, radiant and fascinating feel. Common organic gemstones on the market are: pearls, amber, ivory, etc.

The main difference between organic gemstones and inorganic gemstones is that organic gemstones are related to the activities of animals and plants. They are subject to the laws of biophysics and biocrystallization, so in other words, organic gemstones cannot be artificially synthesized.

The most common of the organic gemstones is the pearl, so the example of the name of the organic gemstone is illustrated by the pearl: generally the name of the natural organic gemstone is directly used, without the need of the word "natural" in front of it, but the natural pearl, natural seawater Pearls, natural freshwater pearls, except pearls are divided into natural and artificial culture. It is not possible to name the natural organic gemstone with the place of origin.

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