AllSaints Spring / Summer 2013 "Little Suit of Joe"

At the end of last century, there was no better woman than All Saints. Natalie, Nicole, Shaznay, Mel came together in the mid-90s in the hope of breaking the monopoly of street-style American R & B women's groups such as SWV and TLC in the United Kingdom. They write their own songs, wear t

Where does the beautiful star sapphire come from?

Sapphire is one of the top five gemstones in the world. It is a beautiful and noble gem. The starlight effect is a special optical effect of gemstones that adds value to gemstones. Starlight sapphire is a star-shaped sapphire. It not only has the beautiful color and high d

Wear a nice suit, don't miss a button

The suit has always been the pet of the male costume kingdom. "Suits" are often used to describe gentle gentlemen. Suits as a new entry into the ranks of women's clothing, reflecting the independence and self-confidence of women and men, some people call the suit a woman'