URK brand women pure Korean style fashion design for elegant women

URK , a famous fashion brand from South Korea, pure Korean style and full of fashion style and spirit of Paris, France, full of East and West power. The brand was established as the early high-end boutique women, designed for intellectual, mature, elegant fashion women's design. URK is a trendsetter that brings together the hottest trends in the popular market to bring out the trend of the Korean boom in recent years. Meanwhile, it has integrated international fashion trends such as Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo, Clever combination of the characteristics of weaving a line with Asian fashion aesthetic taste of clothing art boutique.


"URK" releases low-key luxury in the neoclassical romance, adheres to the fashion but does not follow the crowd, elegantly and naturally reveals itself, and injects noble and feminine charm such as fashion without publicity into the soul of the brand and achieves radiant Gorgeous mood. The overall design with the whole body to achieve the perfect overall effect, the pursuit of cultural connotation and dress the perfect combination of taste; fashion, elegant beauty for every woman to give, be careful and simple shape; beauty is not a woman a standard, Really rich as time goes by and become more rich and perfect woman's style, it is a kind of connotation of accumulation, is a kind of wisdom deposition, beautiful and chic; she is not flowers, not wine, she is only a cup of exudes a faint aroma Light tea, even without applying powder also seemed radiant, grace excellence, live colors and fragrance.

URK品牌女装 纯正韩风时尚专为优雅女性设计

In 2008, following the international economic upsurge, "URK" landed in China. After several years of experience and accumulation, URK has now taken root in the major cities in China and is deeply sought after by consumers. The original design team in South Korea is more able to dress authentic Korean women and Chinese women Culture and customs combine intoxicated, "URK" products and cultural connotation also will quickly spread to China's major rivers.

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Short wrist
1, increase the grip of the hand grip Fitness gloves materials can help increase the friction between the palm and the fitness equipment, can hold the dumbbells or barbell more solid, especially for the "pull" action (such as the pull-ups or hard pull, etc.) The effect is more significant. Some gloves and a wrist strap attached to the handle for the roll of equipment, saving a lot of palm power.
 2. Dispersing the pressure to protect the wrist When doing "pushing" actions (such as pushing up or putting on the shoulder, etc.), the fitness gloves can disperse the weight of the equipment a little and reduce the pressure on the palm of your hand. Some gloves also include a wrist strap that helps hold the body in motion, such as palm pressure or flatbed.

3, the protection of hands and hands Long-term fitness exercise may lead to palm skin sclerosis, giving birth to cocoon (that is, the saying goes "pillow"), fitness gloves can help reduce friction equipment, reduce the chances of raw cocoon. Believe that every woman wants to have smooth skin, so in the fitness room, women usually wear fitness gloves.

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