Winnie the Pooh children's lively and cheerful campus style

Winnie the Pooh children's wear elegant style, style cute. Mainly lively and cheerful campus style, accompanied by the trend of children's wear every quarter of the popular design. Winnie the Pooh brand children's clothing is suitable for elegant, well-dressed children wearing fashion. Products mainly from the United States Disney's second-largest brand Winnie the Pooh the image of the pattern, and different performance techniques embodied in the product. At the same time, the product greatly enriches the sense of value and elegance of the garment with a rich blend of processes. Winnie the Pooh was originally a father gave his son a birthday present, and wrote down the story of his son and bear, the story is not only full of rich imagination, but also full of love and care between father and son. Pooh, born in Ashdown Forest, London, England, is the most beloved creature among acres of forest. The whole body hairy Pooh, not only good-hearted, pure and lovely, but also intimate friends. Like him adventure, most like to be with his friends Piggy and Tigger Adventure in the forest. Rich, cute design throughout the series of products which suit any suit with time, but also one of the focus of this series.

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Felt Pencil Bag

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