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Lanvin is French. Its correct pronunciation is: La-vin. According to its pronunciation Lanvin's Chinese name: Lang Fan Lang Wen, also translated: Lan Wan, Long Man, Lang Fan, Lan Wen. Lanvin (Lanvin) is the oldest high fashion brand in France, founded in 1889 by Ms. Jeanne Lanvin. Today, Lanvin has become a representative of the French high fashion industry, leading the trend in fashion, perfume, and accessories. Lanvin (Nanvin) has never blindly adopted the popular, simple and tailored skills and the profound skills of color matching. The wonderful design wins the support of fashionistas.

Lanvin 2013 spring women's wear series Lanvin wave spring 2013 women's wear

Lanvin 2013 Women's Spring

LANVIN is the oldest high fashion brand in France. Its founder, Jeanne Lanvin, was one of the most active teachers in World War I and World War II. Her elegant and refined style created a trend of thought in the fashion industry with deep cultural heritage.

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