Tuk Tuk children strong stationed in Shenzhen Meilin Rainbow Department Store

Chinese parent-brand installed cutting-edge brand Duo Ke children recently held a large-scale presence in Tianhong, and Rainbow on the strategic level of cooperation, May 30, Tuxedo Shenzhen Merlin Texhong outlets grand opening. Tuk Tuk children stationed in Shenzhen, a large department store, not only for consumers in Shenzhen bring a different fashion experience children's clothing, but also marks the children's wear industry, "leading brand" is a big step toward the goal, Tuk-child brand again upgrade. According to the relevant person in charge of introduction, large shopping malls have significant traffic and considerable sales, and choose to stationed in such influential influential large-scale shopping malls will help brand promotion, suitable for the development of the beep Children brand into large shopping malls directly face a large number of consumers, to cultivate children's clothing market can be children, guide consumer spending has played a very big role in promoting. Accompanied by ZARA, H & M, UNIQLO and other international fast fashion brands have entered China's department stores and in the highly competitive Chinese clothing retail market a sudden emergence of sales growth of 30% to 50% range, the development of the brand will be its retail terminal aiming Department stores, backed by large department stores and adjacent international brands have become quickly shortcuts to their fame. The price of civilians, the trend of design, fast update ultra-high frequency is ZARA and H & M's competitive advantage, and the Duck Keer parent-child brands are also working to move closer to fast fashion, as the children's wear industry ZARA and H & M. With this opportunity to enter Tianhong, Duke Ke children have the opportunity to through the mall direct way to understand and meet the consumer demand of Chinese consumers, make a rapid response to the market. At the same time, Tuk Keer will also provide consumers through the Rainbow a new purchase channels, so that Chinese consumers can easily through the mall to buy the latest parent-child equipment. Through the direct marketing model, it is possible to improve the management and service level of the beggar's sales terminals. In addition, the combination of direct sales and franchising enables the establishment of a more secure brand operation through more efficient logistics and inventory allocation. Now children's clothing brand competition in the market is in full swing carried out in so many children's wear brands together, children's clothing enterprises to improve or reform children's clothing brand promotion is inevitable, choose department store as a brand marketing channel , You can make the child can be more influential brands have been greatly enhanced.

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