An Analysis of the Export Situation of Textiles in Costa Rica in Hong Kong

Various kinds of labor-intensive products in mainland China are extremely popular in Costa Rica. Tableware, hardware, toys, clothing, shoes, daily-use plastics, and metal products with “Made in China” printed in supermarkets and various shops in Costa Rica have recently been seen. Widely welcomed by low-income people in Costa Rica.

In addition, many international famous brands have set up factories or foundry in mainland China. The quality of this product is more stable than that of mainland China's own brands. Although the price is relatively high, it can also be accepted by the market.

In recent years, motorcycles in Costa Rica have been imported mainly from China and have been imported into Chinese cars and SUVs.

According to statistics of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, bilateral trade between China (including Hong Kong) and Colombia has grown significantly, and it has become the second largest source of imports and the third largest export market for Colombia.

Costa Rica imports from mainland China (including Hong Kong) mainly include textiles, integrated circuits, footwear, electric heaters, motorcycles and toys, including capital, intermediary, and consumer finances. It covers more than 3,000 tax items at low prices. A lot of attacks on the market, but the market image and perception are generally poor.

With the entry into force of the free trade agreement between Costa Rica and Mainland China, the Costa Rican Industrial Association and consumers strongly urged that the inspection and quality control of cheap products on the mainland should be taken into consideration to avoid flooding or impacting Costa Rica related industries.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Commerce of the Mainland China and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade have also actively organized large-scale large-scale visiting missions, frequently held enterprise summits and various business promotion activities in Costa Rica to actively strive for markets and expand economic and trade influence.

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