The frog prince children's wear Shandong strengthens training and builds an invincible and strong terminal.

Recently, frog prince fashion casual children's clothing company, which lasted nearly one month carefully prepared training session "to build a strong terminal to improve the store display design" in the successful completion of the Qingdao Division in Shandong Province. According to reports, the training session was planned by Mr. Wu Yue, the head of the frog’s headquarter in Shandong, and nearly 20 key shopkeepers in Shandong attended the training.

According to reports, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the conference, the Frog Prince Corporation conducted a 27-day field survey on the Shandong region in March 2012, and based on the actual needs of end-users and the actual problems in the region, The theme of the first issue was "To create a strong terminal, display design to improve store-through rate." The course content includes: display ten steps, display twelve rules, match three strokes, one model, collocation skills of the model and other practical strong Relevant knowledge.

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