Lynx Baiyou Ti underwear flagship store grand opening

June 8, after months of careful preparation, Lynx Baiyouti underwear flagship store grand opening, for women like online shopping friends to build a convenient, anytime, anywhere purchase high-end underwear brand platform.


It is understood that Baiyou Ti is the high-end lingerie brand under the Love yarn apparel group, Lynx Baiyou Ti underwear flagship store ( is authorized by the Love yarn Group apparel Zhejiang Xiangquan limited cultural transmission The company operates across the board. Over the past few years, 100 gifted Ti has been luxurious, high-end, fashion, taste is known around the world, stable high-end underwear market, in order to consolidate its position in the high-end underwear market, 100 gifted Ti constantly make great efforts in technological innovation, the product Upgrade, in 2012 developed a concept of eco-friendly bra - Baiyou Ti liquefied titanium bra. The bra is not only a "light, breathable, personal, zero pressure on the breast" and other characteristics, but also has to promote blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, prevent breast disease and other health functions, opened up a new era of ecological ecological underwear world, science and technology and The perfect combination of fashion, elegance and taste is a revolution in the field of underwear fabrics.

So what is liquefied titanium bra? The so-called liquefied titanium bra is made of liquefied titanium bra. Titanium is extracted from a variety of mineral elements of pure titanium metal, the titanium through special liquefaction technology into the water, and then soaked in fiber cloth so that its fibers adsorbed titanium particles, which is liquefied titanium cloth. Titanium is a safe, hypoallergenic metal with hard, non-rusting properties. In the field of medicine and sports are widely used. Titanium is a light metal that has the ability to regulate the body's natural current through ionization of cells. Wear liquefied titanium bra, with the increase of body temperature, titanium will regulate the body's natural current, promote blood circulation, the back muscles to relax, help women reduce soreness, prevention and elimination of fatigue, is conducive to the prevention of breast disease, which for Those who pursue the beauty and health of elite women, is undoubtedly the best of both worlds.


Baiyou Tianyi adhering to the "care of women, a beautiful life," the purpose of its brand advocates that "I enjoy life," the consumer crowd is urban elite women, high-income women, located in the age of 28-45, the style is "luxurious, noble , Beauty, fashion, comfort and health, is the elite of the city, the choice of successful women.Baiyouti advocate women after the success, we must learn to enjoy a high quality of life .Baiyou Ti underwear reflects a way of life, a Spiritual and contentment, a material luxury and spiritual sublimation.

In order to let the majority of women across the country enjoy high-quality, cost-effective boutique lingerie, Love yarn Group will be 100 gifted Ti selected China's largest electronic trading platform - Lynx, enter the e-commerce is not only the company needs to expand the terminal sales channels, Is also the need to establish a high-end brand image, but also the power to cater to the online shopping like elite female mouse can take a picture of their favorite baby needs.

Baiyou Ti focus on deep plowing the brand, whether in design, research and development or in the production, sales, brand push planning team, etc., Bai You Ti has a unique advantage, which is 100 Ti excellent firm stand high-end underwear market One of the reasons. It can be said Baiyou Ti brand underwear is love yarn group love yarn yarn another myth. Passion May, 100 gifted Ti will be together towards you free, happy, fashion run!

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