Jiu Mu Wang's annual brand event "Seiko Art" is about to open

One of the most influential menswear brands in China, Jiuli Wang, who has always been a consumer of the brand, has provided a sensational award for its annual brand event “Seiko Art”. From June 8th to June 17th, 2012, the recruitment of Jiumuwang’s “Seiko Art” tour is about to start nationwide.
Personally enter the headquarters of Jiumu Wang Quanzhou headquarters to witness the “Seiko Art” men's wear, tour the charm of Xiamen, watch the scenery of Golden Gate, luxury private yachts, 200 places... One of the most influential men's brands in China, has always been a consumer The king of the nine animal husbandry, for its annual brand event "Seiko Art" trip, provided a dazzling grand prize.

From June 8th to June 17th, 2012, the recruitment of Jiumuwang’s “Seiko Art” tour is about to start nationwide. Entering the month of June, the men's and women's clothing of the Jiumuwang ushered in the "three hi"s: the men's trousers products will lead the country for the 12th consecutive year and will be listed on the anniversary. There will also be "trousers' festivals" introduced throughout the country this month. In order to thank the consumers for their long-term support and love, Jiumu Wang launched a generous reward for Thanksgiving.

According to reports, during the event, Jiumu Wang will launch various promotions at designated stores across the country. The highlight of the event will be the recruitment of the “Seiko Art” trip – 4 days and 3 nights. The method of participating in the event is also very simple. Customers who purchase at least 1099 yuan in the store can get a Jiuchiwang "Seiko Art" trip online raffle ticket. Within a specified time, they can log into the official cooperation website Sohu.com and fill in relevant information accurately. Have the chance to get a heartbeat award.

In everyday life, people are in touch with clothing products every day, and walking into the manufacturing center to witness the birth of fine men's trousers and clothes will be very interesting. As the leading business casual men's brand enterprise in China, the headquarter manufacturing center of Quanzhou Jiumuwang is large scale, first-class technology and exquisite workmanship. In addition, the king of the nine animal husbandry, or participate in "trousers", "washing and finishing clothing" and other national standard drafting unit.

In the industry, Jiu Muwang enjoys the reputation of “male trousers expert” and has strong strength in the development and manufacturing of men's trousers. Computer automatic monitoring and hanging management system, computer automatic cutting system, automatic computer control spreading system...... Scale, intelligent production is one of the representatives of industrial civilization and advanced productivity, Jiumu Wang waiting for lucky winners to come and explore the wonderful . In addition to the “Seiko Art” tour arrangements, consumers participating in the “Seiko Art” tour will also travel to charm Xiamen and enjoy the golden gate scenery on a luxury private yacht...

For a long time, Jiumu Wang has gained the trust of consumers with its high quality product quality. “Men's trousers expert” and “professional and good quality” have become the symbol of the Jiumuwang brand. As of 2011, the overall market share of the Jiumuwang brand men's trousers ranked first in the country for 12 years in a row, and the overall market share of the men's and men's business casual clothing ranks first in the nation for two consecutive years. In March of this year, Jiu Mu Wang was awarded the title of "China's Most Influential Brand in the Consumer Market in 20 Years" jointly awarded by the China Business Federation and the China National Business Information Center. On May 30 this year, Jiu Mu Wang ushered in the grand anniversary of the listing. .

Seiko's quality and attention to consumer demand are important reasons for the steady development of the Jiumuwang men's clothing. Consumers' love and support is the starting point of the brand. Therefore, the king of Jiumu is always grateful and affectionate. It rewards consumers with rich rewards and many concessions. For consumers to personally walk into the enterprise, a gracious song of thanksgiving will be played between branded companies and consumers.

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