Mothers should not wear three kinds of shoes

Mothers should not wear three kinds of shoes Expectant mothers generally increase their weight by 15 kilograms during pregnancy. When walking, the pressure on their legs and feet increases, and wearing a pair of unsuitable shoes can make them feel tired.

Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, three kinds of shoes may affect the mother's foot health and should not be worn.

The health hazards of the slippers are the poor anti-slip function of the soles, which can easily lead to twisting and falling, which seriously endangers the mother’s health and even causes premature birth and miscarriage. In addition, the mother's sweat glands are exuberant and sweaty at the feet. When wearing rubber or plastic slippers, it may cause dermatitis.

Sneakers The design of ordinary sports shoes is not suitable for changes in the shape of the pregnant woman's foot, and is therefore extremely uncomfortable when worn. Poor sports shoes are not airtight and will also increase foot edema.

Leather shoes have poor ventilation, and the sweat emitted from the feet after walking cannot be disappeared in time. This gives anaerobic bacteria and molds a good environment for growth and reproduction. Therefore, it is not surprising that leather shoes are easy to get beriberi. Now.

In addition, due to weight gain and swelling of the feet, it is easy for the expectant mothers to feel harder in the leather, which may lead to postpartum sequelae of low back and leg pain.

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