Big eyes frog children's personality interpretation of the cool fashion life

Well-known children's clothing brand from the United States, "Big Eye Frog" is a new interpretation of street fashion life in the United States. "Big Eye Frog" depicts the atmosphere of the times with different cultures and different lifestyles in the United States in a more avant-garde, more stylish and more cool way, and reflects the unique charm of "Big-eyed Frog" with a completely different language. LOGO concise from the concise M, I, K, Y, O English capital letters from the combination of drawing from the US national flag stars, stripes and other design elements, using black, red, white color, fully reflect the LOGO international, fashion And high-end brand image style. "Big-eyed frog" followed the trend of the United States fashion design elements, ingeniously blend the unique cultural heritage of the East, to create a unique brand of fashion taste, suitable for the present individuality, fashion conscious children. As a trendsetter in the industry, "Big-eyed Frog" vividly interprets the cool and fashionable life that belongs to children's delicate, avant-garde and individuality while cultivating children with its classic avant-garde, eclectic, variety, creative and multi-style brand style Fashionable acumen and discernment of beauty.

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