Some stamps in the postal market cooled down by 30% in January

Yesterday, the reporter visited the stamp market in Xi'an and learned that the scene of the hot postal market in the past year has receded. Some stamps have fallen by more than 30% in January.

Survey: Hot Stamps Fall 30% in January Since the end of last year, the market started with the Lunar New Year stamp has gradually spread to the old, special, chronological, JT, and even chronological stamps. According to rough estimates, the price of stamps has generally risen by more than 50% in one year. The lucrative returns and returns have attracted the attention of many investors and have joined the ranks of the rank and file army.

However, the booming mail market seems to have faded at the end of the past. Yesterday, reporters learned that the postal market in the northeastern postal market saw a sharp correction in the most recent postal market in January. The vast majority of stamp prices have fallen, and some of the popular stamps have fallen more than 30%.

“Since 2003, the small version of the issue has recently been diving very hard. In this wave of callbacks, the overall decline is about 30%.” Mr. Liu, a merchant of the postal card market near Xihuamen, told reporters that cursive and Guan Gong were issued this year. In the small version, the highest price exceeded 80 yuan last month, and the current market price is 60-65 yuan. "These hot varieties have fallen by 30% in less than a month."

Reason: The decline in popularity declines trading volume Yesterday, the reporter visited two bills card markets in Xi’an and discovered that the people who came to the market to buy and sell philatelic products were sparse and incongruous with the crowded scenes in the past. “The market can be seen from the daily traffic flow in the market,” said a stall owner in the market. The number of people who have recently travelled to the postal market is significantly lower.

The reporter also found during the market visit that merchants in the past complained that they could not get the goods, and that the supply of goods on the market was relatively sufficient recently. Some popular varieties had a few hundred editions and thousands of editions that were rarely seen in ordinary times. “In recent weeks, the stamps have dropped back and investors have not dared to buy, and we have not dared to sell them in large quantities.” Mr. Liu, a postal merchant, said that the small version of the capital market he received at RMB 82 a few months ago has now fallen to RMB 66. , "No one is willing to shed tears shipments."

The reporter also saw a large domestic currency card transaction website on the domestic market. Since October, the number of posts on transaction posts has been reduced by more than 20% compared with the previous month. “Now the price is low and it is not easy to sell,” said a seller on the site, saying that people’s buying prices are not buying or buying, and the transaction volume has dropped significantly.

Industry: Temporary callback is still optimistic about the market outlook. “Some stamps experienced a sharp drop in prices, mainly because of the phenomenon of sell-offs and withdrawals.” In the face of the recent downturn in the postal market, industry insiders analyzed that any market can only rise. Do not fall, or only fall does not rise. “Although the current postal market is still falling, with the arrival of the New Year's Day and Spring Festival supply and demand season, some funds may come to the stamp market.”

There are also industry analysts, from the current point of view of various investment markets, housing market regulation and control policies, the stock market has no money-making effect, so compared to the housing market and the stock market, the postal market is also regarded as a safe haven for funds.

For this round of downtrend, many postal merchants in the Xi'an postal card market said that the last wave of the market continued for a year and there has been no deeper correction. This callback is a phased adjustment and should be a normal one. Market Reaction.

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