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Ben Wang, October 29, the weather cool autumn, elegant and yet neat suit, is definitely a must-have for seasons wardrobe. The brightly colored suit jacket will be more eye-catching in this lonely autumn of all things.

Irregular bottom long sleeve knit sweater

Irregular hem long-sleeved sweaters, wide design very European and American stars, with hot shorts and boots, a long and short contrast is particularly fashionable, simple and generous style does not make people feel Pretentious.

Earth-colored loose knit sweater

This season's earth color system is very popular with the fashion industry. Many big-name single products have been introduced with ginger yellow and bright yellow-based single products. This khaki-knit sweater is very apt to cater to the trend. At the same time, the loose design conceals the fat and the effect of trimming the body is also very good.

Long Sleeve Hooded Sweater

Simple black long-sleeved hooded knitwear, classic and generous, and the length of the buttocks is a good choice for the autumn, from the visual there is a warm feeling. With knee boots, there is a big star of temperament.

Lapel Slim Small Blazer

Simple style lapel slim suit jacket, simple and elegant style easy to wear a stylish atmosphere. Jumping red is very eye-catching, so that the bright autumn and winter bleak up, with a tight T-shirt and hot shorts, sexy and stylish.

Five-pointed star pattern long-sleeved sweater

The star-studded sweater is handsome and full of energy. The simple coat is the must-have accessory for autumn travel. Even a simple print pattern can make your journey change to a different fashion landscape.
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