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Happy e hundred, children's halls of joy, adult shopping paradise, the operator's wealth paradise! Happy e hundred children's life discount Museum, not only the business of children's clothing, but also other related products tying, the brand as a bright spot, the trump card discount to clothing behavior system, a stop shopping, value for money children's daily necessities all aspects of demand . Parents save money, children's lives more beautiful! [Happy e hundred brand positioning] happy e hundred: childlike, lively and generous, star style dress natural! Happy e hundred: wild change, changeable, children's fashion exceptionally good! Happy e hundred: clothing-based, with supplies, the two complement each other shopping! Happy e hundred: cotton material, healthy and comfortable, children wearing parents peace of mind worry! Happy e hundred: Chinese and foreign brands, greatly discount, really good but not too expensive! Happy e hundred: a unified image, comprehensive services, business guidance in one step so comfortable! [Happy e hundred product system] Clothing categories: clothes, T-shirts, pants, dresses, sweaters, jackets, cotton jackets, jackets, jackets, etc .; toys: educational toys, DIY toys, plush toys; Categories: shoes, hats, handbags, gloves, socks, scarves, jewelry and so on. 【Age-specific targeting】 Target customer age: 0-16 years old Children's main consumer age: children aged 2-14 Consumption ratio: 0-2 years old: 15%; 2 years old - 14 years old: 70%; 14 years old - 16 years old: 15%.

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