Kahuna women returned to elegant, natural beauty

Kaou Na originated in the four major European art style Baroque and Rococo style of fusion. Baroque women 's clothing is characterized by sagging, pleated, dragging, softer than the Renaissance, natural, generous, full of modern culture and art. The Rococo style broke the symmetrical style since the beginning of the pattern to create an asymmetrical, with a brisk, elegant sense of sport, free-spirited and lightweight entangled decorative style. The Ka Nuona brand Na cleverly learned two elegant style of the place, so as to design more suitable for the oriental women's dress, simple and natural style, to replace the gorgeous and exaggerated clothing styles, so that once again returned to the elegant women's dress, natural beauty.

卡欧娜 - kaouna

卡欧娜女装 回归到淡雅、自然之美

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