Ai music brand women's fashion interpretation of the most incisive

TV commercials, shopping malls, fashion magazines that slim women's models are always envious, although the body is formed by natural and acquired, but clothing fit, temperament depends largely on whether Select the women's clothing. " Ai music products " brand women, the use of high-quality fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship, fashion design style, allowing you to show amazing charm, fashion interpretation of the most incisive.

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Ai on the music brand women's fashion style will be the perfect fusion of Eastern and Western art, and oriental women's body features and unique temperament, developed a stylish casual style, personalized college style, fashionable British style, intellectual light familiar style, etc. Every woman can find their own clothing, showing the astonishing personal charm, fashion interpretation of the most incisive.

At present, Ai music products from the brand promotion, shop decoration, store operations guidance and training, optimization and management, and other aspects of women's franchisee to give full support to improve the brand strategy, so that women's franchisees and women's brand Ai Ai music Win-win benefits.

one kind of special can be do before or after dyeing. Different method color will be different.In order to make bulk excatly. It's best to make sample as l/d. color must be a little lighter than approved l/d because of sueding.Moreover pilling will be lower than without sueding, but fur will be better. Apprarance after wash will also not good as regular can be divided into two kind of sueding, one is by carbon and the other is by normal machine.Fabric will be clear after sueding.

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