Autumn home improvement is at the time of the seven major attentions

The summer is about to pass, the autumn is in danger, the weather is beginning to cool, and the decoration is slowly "hot". Consumers with experience in decoration know that autumn is the golden age of decoration. During this period, there will be many innate advantages in decoration. For example, because of the dry climate, wooden boards are not easy to return to moisture, paints and paints are easy to dry, and the climate is pleasant. Conducive to the construction of the staff and so on. However, there are some unique decoration problems that need us to pay attention to. The small series summarizes a few points, hoping to add to the owners who have renovated in such a beautiful season.

Autumn home improvement is at the time of the seven major attentions

1. Diligent ventilation reduces air pollution During the decoration process, a large amount of gas pollution will occur. In autumn, the wind is large and the frequency of wind blowing is very frequent. If the home is frequently ventilated, it will help improve indoor air quality and reduce the probability of indoor gas pollution.
2, the wallpaper hydration and anti-deformation summer air is humid, after the wallpaper, wall cloth paving, open the doors and windows to make the wall quickly dry. However, the autumn climate is relatively dry, so wallpapers and wall coverings must be soaked in water before the paving, so that the glue is applied. After paving, you should also let it dry naturally, so as to avoid the water-deformed wallpaper that has just been paved.
3, the wood should be sealed with oil, moisturizing, autumn, high air, dry air, paint and paint is easy to dry, in order to avoid the trouble of improper prevention, do not place the wood that arrives at the scene in a ventilated place, and seal the oil to prevent small cracks on the surface of the wood. The wood line used for edge trimming is solid wood, and the moisture content is higher than that of the veneer. After the processing is completed, the surface should also be sealed to prevent the appearance of the veneer.
4, the color choices all seasons are suitable for the weather to cool, people will involuntarily biased to warm colors when the decoration, resulting in the decoration color is not consistent with the original intention. Therefore, we must objectively examine our own tendency to purchase building materials, give full play to the imagination of the space, and create a home environment that is suitable for each season.
5, fall repairs do not worry about the spring and summer renovated rooms into the fall, there will be different degrees of cracks and gaps, it is best not to repair immediately. Because the cracking at this time is caused by the gradual evaporation of water in the wall. If the "channel" of the water volatilization is repaired at this time, the water will continue to volatilize and the wall may crack again. Therefore, we should wait until the spring of the next year, and experience a significant change in the temperature difference between the four seasons. The problem of cracking and deformation is no longer developed and then repaired once.
6. Fireproof and explosion-proof is very important. Most of the decoration materials are flammable. Paint, paint, thinner, etc. are extremely volatile. The explosion concentration limit is 1.5% to 1.7%. In this range, the starter power tools and plug-in power sockets are encountered. Very small sparks, etc., can be dangerous. Therefore, the storage location of these materials must be kept at an appropriate distance from the tools that are electrically operated.
7, the festival does not rush to close the end of the autumn decoration, the engineering team and workers often neglect the quality in order to catch the project. In addition, autumn and winter are the seasons for the concentration of traditional Chinese festivals. Most of the construction workers will go home for the holidays, so at this time they work faster, so compared with other seasons, the phenomenon of autumn workers grinding and dragging workers is relatively rare. However, in this way, it is inevitable that the work will be rough. Therefore, the owner must be reminded to carefully check and strictly control the project.
Summary of Xiaobian: Summer decoration has the problem of attention, and autumn is no exception. Due to the large difference in each season, it is decided that the problems in the decoration process of each season are different, so the owners who want to decorate the small series Can be divided into categories, the right medicine, to contribute to the creation of a good home environment.


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