Shaoxing Home Textile Machinery Creates 6.5 Billion Sales

Shaoxing Home Textile Machinery Creates 6.5 Billion Sales At the recently held county-wide intelligent innovation forum for textile equipment, the printing robots developed by Ruiqun Textile Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in Shaoxing County in Kebei opened up an eye-opening field for peers and experts. Participants agreed that the involvement of industrial robots has provided technical support for increasing the added value and multi-functionality of printing and dyeing products, and is the direction for the future development of the textile equipment industry.

status quo:

Textile Equipment Forms "Three Plates"

“Equipment industry is an important pillar industry in our county, and it is also an industry with broad development prospects.” Wang Binghao, director of the County Science and Technology Bureau, introduced that the county's textile equipment industry has developed rapidly in the past 10 years. In 2009, Shaoxing County was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as “National Torch Plan Shaoxing Textile Industry Characteristic Industry Base” In 2012, the sales of textile equipment industry in our county reached 6.5 billion yuan, accounting for more than 7% of the national total.

It is understood that at present, there are 25 complete machine manufacturing enterprises in the whole county, and there are about 100 supporting enterprises. The “Qixian Plate”, which was previously dominated by spinning and weaving machinery, and the “Keyan Plate”, which is dominated by knitting machines, are formed. At the same time, the “printing and dyeing equipment sector” with energy-saving and emission reduction as its core technology content has also emerged quietly. In addition, a group of key enterprises with influence in the industry, such as Yuejian Machinery, Jinyu Machinery, Huayu Textile Machinery, Ruiqun Technology and Jingbao Machinery, have emerged.


Textile machinery faces the biggest crisis in 20 years "With the ups and downs of the domestic and foreign market demand of the textile industry, the current domestic textile equipment industry is at a turning point. The impact of the European debt crisis on the textile equipment industry has not yet ended. Textile equipment The industry’s sales have plummeted and profits have fallen.” At this forum, Liu Jiaqiang, Director of the Industrial Development Department of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, frankly stated that the textile equipment industry experienced the greatest crisis in its development in the past 20 years, especially the textile equipment in Shaoxing County. It was the first time that this "cold stream" was felt.

The person in charge of a textile machinery company in the county told reporters that the company has operated rapier looms for more than 10 years. Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the company has encountered a "cold winter." “The time when customers come to the door waiting for equipment is over.” The person in charge lamented.


Accelerating the development of intelligent spinning machines In this forum, participants believe that to cope with this crisis, one must integrate high-end products, narrow the technological gap with the advanced machinery in Europe, America and Japan; second, it must follow the trend of gradient transfer in the textile industry. , vigorously expand the Southeast Asian market and the South American market; third is to extend the industrial chain, the textile equipment industry from the current pre-spinning, weaving and knitting machinery, extending forward to the spinning machinery, extending back to the printing and dyeing machinery. The key to achieving these three goals is to implement the strategy of "scientific development and innovation-driven". We must vigorously strengthen the cooperation between industry, universities, and research institutes, introduce scientific and technological achievements, and use wisdom to lead the brain to realize the upgrading of the textile equipment industry, that is, to the development of intelligence.

In fact, for the intelligentization of textile equipment, our county government and government have been actively implementing it. At the beginning of this year, Shaoxing County joined the province's pilot area for the transformation and development of the smart textile machinery industry, and has selected six smart textile printing and dyeing equipment research institutes for pilot construction. At the same time, the "Implementation Plan for the Development of Intelligent Textile Printing and Dyeing Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Shaoxing County" will be issued. By the end of 2016, a complete industrial innovation system for intelligent textile printing and dyeing equipment combining production, study, and research will be basically established; the output value of the textile printing and dyeing equipment manufacturing industry will exceed 30 billion yuan. The proportion of research and development funds that focus on fostering enterprises accounted for more than 5% of sales revenue; 3 companies that produced output value exceeding 1 billion yuan, 8 companies that exceeded 100 million yuan, and 5 provincial-level technical centers.

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