Halloween (November 1) source --- is actually a compliment to the autumn festival

November 1 each year is the traditional Western festival - Halloween, also known as the Halloween. This night is the most "haunted" time of the year when demons, ghosts, zombies, elves, pirates, mummies, aliens, and witches move out. The pumpkin is the representative of Halloween. The theme of Halloween is ghosts, scary, candy, transgender, and things related to death, magic, monsters. Children wear dressing gowns, put on masks, and collect candies from house to house. However, Halloween is still the highlight of the table, you have to prepare food to entertain those who come to trouble "kid", but also for this special holiday dress for your table. Do not let your guests look down on you oh! Holiday Customs Halloween is a good time for children to enjoy themselves. It is in the eyes of children, is a mysterious festival. As night fell, the children could not wait to wear colorful make-up, wear strange mask, put on a "pumpkin lamp" ran out to play. The pumpkin lantern looks very cute by hollowing out the pumpkin, carving its smiling eyes and big mouth outside, and inserting a candle in the melon to light it so that people can see it from far away This naive smiling face. October 31 is the eve of Western Halloween, the United States can be seen on the streets around the wonderful live performances, illusion magic, realistic body and ghosts, and a variety of horror movie screenings. On Halloween, a group of children dressed as demons and goblins carry pumpkins and go door-to-door to ask for candy, saying "trick or treat" (trick or treat) For candy, children get angry and punish you in a variety of ways. For example, pouring rubbish in your house, sometimes painting someone's door handle with soap and sometimes color cats. These little pranks often make adults ridiculous. Of course, most people are very happy to treat these innocent little guests. So on Halloween night the kids are always stuffed and full of pockets. The most popular game on Halloween night is "bite the apple." During the game, people float their apples in water-filled basins, and then let the children bite their apples with their mouths without using their hands. Who bites first is the winner. Halloween costumes Halloween costumes have a variety of costumes. For example, making the simplest ghost clothes with a white sheet on the top of the head, do not forget to pull the two holes to stay out of the eyes is; if you want to play magician, put on black pants, and then put on black hat , And in the hat and head hidden between a fluffy bunny spare; also teach adults how to dress up a child as a little angel, white pants, and then how to tie a flashlight from behind in the head; also teach how to dress up their children into them Like the cartoon image. Halloween food Traditional food for Halloween is apple juice, popcorn, pumpkin pie and witch-shaped spice gingerbread. wonderful beauty to help you complete the beautiful journey of the soul, with the vigorous connotation, full of vitality mentality, transformation and innovation, passion set sail, the perfect positive energy, look forward to your attention!

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