EMINU "according to m slave": Chao Fan of people to teach you the late autumn coat with fashion

Sudden changes in the weather is always a surprise, with the cool breeze struck late autumn, the beauty of the girls are now busy for their own autumn, and its annoyance to yourself several autumn fashion jacket, to resist the cool autumn late! The following beautiful women take a look at the influx of children's autumn fall coats, learn the skills of autumn fashion clothing, so that you are more fashionable autumn Fan range children.

依米奴 - EMINU

EMINU " according to Mimu" Women : Yang Mi show this purple cloak coat is really stylish enough for children, models, although the basis, but the color of pondering is worth pondering.

Fashion Comments: Compared to the general coat, cloak wearing a more hierarchical sense, not too much modification, simple streamlined design. Pure purple elegance, elegant, classic single-breasted coat shape, take the same color without shoulders skirts, but also more elegant and noble style of the wind, the wave of stockings with a sexy full temptation.


EMINU "according to the slave slave" Women: gradually cool the weather, walking in the autumn wind on the streets, we must give ourselves a small autumn jacket.

Fashion Comments: England temperament brown fashion suits, classic lapel, double breasted is unbeaten design, not only super fashion, more "face-lift" effect. With a lace T-shirt, high waist black skirt elegant, sexy set in one.


EMINU "by m slave" Women: green walk fashion, faux fur jacket vest domineering, there is a soft and so you come to interpret.

Fashion Comments: Round neck classic interpretation of the better show the face, white fresh natural glow, plush black dotted decoration similar to the effect of retro bow elegant, with lotus leaf skirt and black stockings show Slim legs type sexy charm.

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