Man Lu card teach you how to maintain the autumn and winter fur

Fur, noble and luxurious synonymous with women is often used to participate in major parties and dating shining unique weapons. It is elegant and generous, whether it is take a skirt or Pants are so do not have flavor. It, like a human, more like a woman, need proper maintenance and care, or will eventually pale and gaunt.


Woman, according to their skin choose the appropriate product to maintain, then the fur, for confidante, how much do you know? So Xiaobian I'll tell you:

1. Fur her, meek and weak, you need the owner's love and care of all sizes. She was afraid of high temperature afraid of fire, but also afraid of intense sunlight and light, should avoid hot water pipes and steam pipe there is exposure to the situation.

2. She is a woman, but it is indeed a special sensitive body. She is afraid of alcohol. She will have "allergies" to various products containing alcohol, causing the hair to become hard and brittle, which will be accompanied by the combination of alcohol. Smell.

3. She is a woman, and is a strong woman, no matter how the invasion of rain and snow can be the same as the spring breeze alone, though, but after the storm also need a habitat to put the mood to pack up the battlefront. When the rain and snow struck, the proper way is to seize the armpit area, picked up a few jitter, the raindrops shake off, hanging dry and cool place dry, dry a few times after the tap can be, if not the original beautiful, Get professional maintenance fur shop comfort hot and shine.


Do you want her beautiful forever? Do you want her to get out of the hall? True love, then give her the love and care it should give it!

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