Short fur vest with pink fur vest with tips

Once the temperature dropped to the fur popular time, but this hot and cold weather if you wear thick fur coat, there may be some not adapt to it. Then take a look at the fur vest, short paragraph fur vest with clothing is not only very warm, but also allows you to get rid of the heavy coat indoor

How to choose the right cell phone membrane

There are many kinds of mobile phone stickers. It is recommended that you use a branded film, which is derived from life and changes your life. At the same time, you can choose your own film based on the individual's need for a screen film. High-definition scratch-resistant mobile pho

Nanyang jade value

Everyone knows that Nanyang jade is also called Dushan jade. Dushan jade has much greater value potential than other jade species. The same jade products, Dushan jade have different jade and color, which is for collection. For the sake of it, it has great collection value

LED lighting design recommendations analysis

First, the emergence of LED has broken the design method and ideas of traditional light sources. At present, there are two latest design concepts. 1. Scenario lighting: It is the scene lighting proposed by Philips in 2008. The lighting is designed according to the needs of

Beautiful legend of crystal

When it comes to crystal, you certainly won't feel strange, but do you really understand it? Humans have a long history of understanding, developing and utilizing crystal. Bing Xin Yu Jie, aura-like crystal has been discovered and loved by the world since ancient time