Mothers should not wear three kinds of shoes

Expectant mothers generally increase their weight by 15 kilograms during pregnancy. When walking, the pressure on their legs and feet increases, and wearing a pair of unsuitable shoes can make them feel tired. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, three kinds of shoes may affect

Popular knitwear easily scored out

This site on October 28 hearing, the popularity of the mix and match trend, I do not know what brings more gospel or "disaster" more, because if the collocation "internal work" is not enough, it is easy to self-defeating. Let's recommend 5 mashups for everyone to

Kahuna women returned to elegant, natural beauty

Kaou Na originated in the four major European art style Baroque and Rococo style of fusion. Baroque women 's clothing is characterized by sagging, pleated, dragging, softer than the Renaissance, natural, generous, full of modern culture and art. The Rococo style broke the symmetrical style sin

2011 autumn and winter fashion exquisite men's shoes

Ben Wang reported on October 28th that in the shoe-making kingdom of Italy, leather shoes are not just an ordinary consumer product, but also an art boutique. To a certain extent, the shoes embody the quality and temperament of men. It is an excellent investment for men to improve their

Similar "by Muzi", you will find all the beauty

According to · Muzi "was born in Europe in 2001 and then enter the Chinese market, its research and development headquarters in Hong Kong, the production base is located in China's famous city - Guangzhou, is a design, production and sales of large-scale garment enterprises. "M

You have the most fan of street zoom

Ben Wang, October 29, the weather cool autumn, elegant and yet neat suit, is definitely a must-have for seasons wardrobe. The brightly colored suit jacket will be more eye-catching in this lonely autumn of all things. Irregular bottom long sleeve knit sweater Irregular hem long-sleeve