Picker leads the public to send companies to wrestle with London to get out of the Olympics

In the face of the London Olympic Games four years later, the sports brand enterprises including Pike, Anta, 361°, Xtep, Hongxing Erke and others are all gambling about the upcoming London Olympics. We hope to use the Olympics to create miracles again and get them out of the current high inventory pressure.

Four years ago, with the successful use of the Beijing Olympics, the sportswear brand in the converse to achieve sales growth in the economic crisis. In the face of the London Olympics four years later, the Sports Brands hope to use the Olympics to create miracles again and get them out of the current high inventory pressure. Heavy difficulties. Including Peak, Anta, 361°, Xtep, Hongxing Erke and others are all gambling on the upcoming London Olympics.

é—½ Sports Brands Wrestling Olympic Marketing Campaign

Peak once claimed that during the London Olympics, they will provide representatives of the Olympic committees of seven countries such as New Zealand, Slovenia, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Cyprus with sportswear such as prizes and competition jackets. At the upcoming press conference today, Peak CEO Xu Zhihua will exchange equipment with the above-mentioned seven-nation Olympic delegation. In this Olympic marketing campaign, the number of its contracted delegations is second only to the international brands Nike and Adidas, ranking first among domestic sports brands.

In response to Peak's generous efforts at the London Olympics, industry insiders analyzed that since the Olympic Games was held in London, it was an important city in Europe, and Peak had long been interested in entering the European market. Therefore, it paid special attention to the current London Olympics. In fact, the countries that Peak chose to sponsor will also become the main market for Peak.

In the face of Peak, Peak, one of Peak’s major rivals in the province, has also peered into the London Olympic market for a long time.

In fact, just three years ago, shortly after the Beijing Olympics, Anta passed the difficult negotiations for nearly a year and became the highest level "strategic partner" of the Chinese Olympic Committee. Early on, the Chinese sports delegation received the prize at the London Olympics. The sponsorship right of the service is in the bag.

Not only Peak and Anta, but also 361° and Xtep, both of which belong to the Jinjiang brothers, are also favored by London.

361° is an Olympic equipment created for the CCTV sports report group and three Chinese Olympic Teams. It fully supports the 2012 “London Action” of the Chinese sports corps; Xtep is a tailored “Olympic boots” for Justin Gatling, while The title sponsored the Chinese synchronized swimming team; Erke sponsored three Olympic delegations from Iran, South Africa and Uzbekistan.

However, the relevant person in charge of Hongxing Erke believes that regardless of the extent to which this year's sports brands have been hotly marketing to the London Olympics, based on funding needs, compared to the Beijing Olympics, everyone has cut many marketing expenses.

"Four years ago, the sales performance during the Beijing Olympics rose in a straight line. This year's domestic sports brand enterprises have been plagued by high inventory pressure. Under the pressure of inventory and channel expansion, everyone hopes to bet on the London Olympic Games to overcome the current difficulties. Bureau.” Liu Xiang, Deputy Director of public relations at Peak, took everyone’s help.

Local sports brands take advantage of the Olympic Games to escape from difficulties

According to the reporter's understanding, the "fast train" carrying the 2008 Beijing Olympics was successful in the last round of economic crisis. Recently, the industry has been disturbed by factors such as inventory pressure and channel expansion.

According to the latest quarterly ordering amount and the first quarter sales report released by ANTA Sports, the number of orders for the Anta products to be put on the market in the fourth quarter of 2012 had a low double-digit percentage drop, which was affected by the total number of ANTA products. The annual order amount is also expected to fall as a percentage of high single digits.

Coincidentally, the fourth-quarter order amount of another domestic sports brand listed on the Hong Kong stock market, Peak, was also unsatisfactory, down 20%-30% year-on-year. According to Peak, the decline in the order amount was related to the company's active control of inventory.

Director Wu Minzeng of the Quanzhou Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce told the reporter that local sports brand enterprises have long realized that the phenomenon of homogenization is prominent and that there are inventory overstocks and other issues. Various sporting goods companies seek solutions from internal and external conditions.

In addition to marketing and adjusting orders accordingly, the most important is product innovation, seeking brand differentiation. However, the relatively high cost of research and development in the main categories of sportswear brands, especially shoes, is also one of the difficulties faced by enterprises in breaking through the difficulties.

Grasping the Olympic Business Opportunity Xu Zhihua did not hide his ambitions, and Peak hopes to capitalize on the global stage of the Olympics to raise awareness and market share. From the London 2012 Olympic Games to the 32nd Summer Olympic Games in 2020, they will further expand their international markets. After two Olympic cycles, they are confident that the international market revenue will be raised to 10 billion yuan in the next 10 years. At the same time, through the intensive cultivation, as well as the refinement of the management and informatization level, the company has maintained a sustained and stable growth in the domestic double digits.

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