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In today's social arena, knitwear has become an indispensable role. In the major fashion centers, fairs, apparel market, knitted apparel has become the flagship product of many world famous brands, its unique structure, comfortable and natural performance characteristics, its diversified and individualized development concept have been widely accepted by people . With the increasing surge of cashmere products, the cashmere market has many styles and the quality is constantly improving. The cashmere clothing has become a big stride of modern fashion, fashion and warmth. Shun Hing company known in the "cashmere city - Qinghe", the rise of national enterprises, the use of the most advanced computerized weaving equipment to produce cashmere products, with its elegant image, high-quality products, unique design is known, the election Exquisite materials, fine workmanship. Regardless of the style and color to make you feel the new taste, Zhuo Ming celebrity style, in today's cashmere clothing market to win the recognition of consumers. Hebei Shun Hedworms Co., Ltd. is a deep processing of raw materials, product design, independent marketing "through-train" large cashmere products company, with medium and high-end products for different levels of market positioning. This year the whole market is more harsh circumstances, but also because the promotion of cashmere products just to meet the market trend of development, product design and workmanship more sophisticated, clear positioning, material selection scarcity, the competitive advantage is obvious, the company's cashmere sweater Erdos City, a rare specialty raw materials knit, flexible, good warmth, comfortable casual, tight sense of tightness. Cashmere pants is to meet the needs of the market, manufacturers consider the moderate winter temperatures in the south, with ultra-thin, cashmere sweater thin majority, while the north is known for cold weather, suitable for thick, thick, double thick cashmere Pants, the times change, the idea is changing, the knitwear industry is changing. Now the sweater is no longer limited to pullovers, some of the traditional style of cardigan, long, short, bright, pure, lively, elegant and other styles of cashmere full of fashion stage. Wide range of raw materials to adapt to changes in the organization, many features make Rongshan become the new darling of designers. The emergence of a variety of new materials, new technologies, but also greatly expanded the design of cashmere designers, diversification, personalization has become the trend of international design trends.

Fashionable Denim in the pants type, selected high-quality thin section of the fabric, washed and whitening process, soft touch, skin-friendly comfortable, simple and stylish; detailed design fashion beautiful, car line craftsmanship, embroidery embellishment, highlight the fine workmanship.

Description of Men'S Blended Capris

Style: Straight Pants

Pants long: pants / pants

Waist type: waist

Pants placket: zipper closure

Thickness: Thin section

For the season: Summer

Craft: hand worn

Fabric: Cotton Blend

Men's Blended Capris

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