China's brand of Olympic trip, who is ups and downs?

As of 3:47 on August 3, Beijing time, 91 gold medals have been born on the London Olympic Stadium. Of these, 30 gold medallists were dressed in Chinese branded clothes on the podium. "China Made" in London was a show of its own. Anta, Li Ning, Hongxing Erke and other Chinese brands appear

Blooming Elegance Karen Fort fashion home service

KRLLOBO (Karen Fort) adhere to the pursuit of high-quality life of the city's elite to provide stylish, comfortable high-quality home life apparel as a responsibility to a strong concept of design as the core competitiveness in order to constantly improve the quality of the brand as a medium,

Lynx Baiyou Ti underwear flagship store grand opening

June 8, after months of careful preparation, Lynx Baiyouti underwear flagship store grand opening, for women like online shopping friends to build a convenient, anytime, anywhere purchase high-end underwear brand platform. It is understood that Baiyou Ti is the high-end lingerie brand under the

Fashion trend of the vane in the indu homme brand men

ndu homme as a fashion lead dancers with charisma, brand passionate ideas, leading the trend of design, instant release of the ultimate charm, the unanimous hot pursuit of fashion upstart. indu homme Concerned about the infinite space of the future of China's fashion industry, stores have lande

Xinhuajin's restructuring of wig assets is worrying

On June 1, Xinhua Jinxin's restructuring plan was approved by the board of directors. The new restructuring will implement the sale of assets in the original plan and the issuance of shares to purchase the assets step by step, that is, first sell 75% equity of Haishu International and 51% equit