Barcelona 2010 Wedding Show M&M Released

Designer: M&M Once again, M&M adopted a bleak color, and scattered black and metallic colors can be seen everywhere in the wedding dress. The M&M wedding dress is exquisitely beautiful, extravagant and luxuriant, and has a fantastic line. The new fabrics used in this season m

Warring States bronze spear

This is a bronze spear during the Warring States period, a long weapon. But today, I don't want to talk about this weapon, but I want to talk about another secret that I found in it. Under the magnifying glass, we can see that on the front and back sides of the spear, there are many sm

Autumn essential eye-catching shoes

Ben Wang September 09 hearing, each girl should have such a pair of shoes, it is comfortable and free fashion personality, can take you to any place you want to go, but also with the casual fashion casual, a pair of simple fashion shoes Can meet the above requirements. · The wild king of sanda

Fabric buyers will order to whom?

Close to the sales season, fabric buyers will order to whom? Designers will fancy what kind of fabric? Not long ago, the two competitions (China International Fabrics Design Competition, China Professional Fashion Designers Creative Design Competition) related activities held in Keqiao, the reporte

Yi Xin underwear natural wild fashion hymn

As a representative of underwear enterprises, Shenzhen Hongke Beidi Clothing Industry Co., Ltd. hit a decent performance, but also won the recognition of many, Yi Xin conditioning underwear armpit inclusive and strong, can effectively prevent the fat expansion, loss, Maintain and maintain the brea

Teacher's Day Top Ten Creative Gifts Recommended

"When I was young, I thought you were very beautiful and led a flock of birds flying around. When I was a child, I thought you were very shy and said that the last sentence was earth-shattering. When I was growing up, I became you and I knew the classroom. What was flying was Hopefull

Sweet flat shoes comfort day

Ben Wang, September 13 hearing, at the beginning of autumn, people are full of infinite kinetic energy, need to jump. It is also like the recovery of body and mind after a hot summer, slowly reviving the cells of the sport in the appropriate crystal leather shoes. · The wild king of sandals is