Color Flame Candle Making Example

Hair coloring agent solution: A coloring agent was obtained by dissolving 12 g of lithium chloride and 0.1 g of polyvinyl ether glycol in 87 g of water.

Oxidation-accelerating catalyst: Dissolve 0.1 g of chloroplatinic acid in 200 ml of water. Add 5 g of oxime to the solution and stir. Add 0.2 g of hydrazine and 0.1 g of sodium hydroxide. Stir and add 2 liters of water overnight. The precipitated oxide was separated from the water to give a platinum catalyst powder.

The hair dye wick preparation method: After being twisted with three sturdy No. 20 cotton threads, the hair coloring liquid was immersed and then dried at 120 degrees Celsius. This is repeated 3 times. After attaching 2 g/m of coloring agent, immersed in a concentration of 7% of the treatment solution (made from a 25:75 molar ratio copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene dissolved in trichloroethylene) and then removed. Dried, made hair color candle.

Combustion wick preparation method: After the No. 8 needle is spliced ​​with 3 No. 20 cotton threads, it is immersed in a solution prepared by dissolving 1 gram of the platinum catalyst powder in 5 liters of water and drying it.

Place the burning wick in the centre of a 600 ml long octagonal silicone rubber mold (each side has a side length of 42 mm), and place the two hair wicks in parallel on both sides of the burning wick, spaced 2-3 mm apart Then, the liquefied ethyl ester of 65-75 degrees Celsius is poured into a mold and cooled to obtain an octagonal candle. Its conformal strength and appearance are good, and a beautiful deep red flame is emitted when burning.

Example 2, 1 g of a 20:80 molar ratio copolymer of copper chloride as binder, 35 g of binder vinyl acetate and ethylene, 0.005 g of chloroplatinic acid as an oxidation accelerator catalyst, and dispersed Dissolved in 64 grams of trichloroethylene. According to the procedure of Example 1, the cotton yarn was immersed in the solution, and then immersed in a 5% ethyl acetate solution to prepare a color-developing candle wick having 0.2 g/m of a color-developing agent adhered thereon, and then covered on the surface thereof. Resin.

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