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RI & G Egypt ancient brand originated from Spain, interpretation of passionate fashion, compose romantic legend, the trend swept across the land of Europe. In the millennium, RI & G Egu was introduced into China. After several years of market research, in 2003, relying on China's casual wear industry base, the establishment of Zhongshan Egu Clothing Co., Ltd. At the same time, RI & G Egypt ancient brand also a cutting-edge attitude, officially announced landing in the Chinese market. RI & G Eguchi is more than just a name, it represents the cognition of the enterprises in Ethiopia and advocates the future direction of Ethiopia. Radical (radical attitude), Ideal (perfect ideal) & Good (good feeling) as the basic core of the brand concept. Fashion personality as a design concept, to achieve a distinctive style of products, full of passion and full of vitality. RI & G Eco is designed for all modern urban young people who are independent, free, fashion-oriented and quality-conscious, bringing them young, energetic and fun lifestyles.

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