November 22 Daphne International Stock Market Trends

Daphne International Code: 8.65 -0.12 -1.37% 2010-11-22 16:14:36 ​​Yesterday : 8.77 Today Open: 8.71 Transactions: 5029 Highest: 8.71 Lowest: 8.65 Average Price : 8.65 Circulation: 1.638 billion market capitalization: 14.168 billion changing hands: 0.00% November 22 Da

Yin Enhui Photographs Puma Winter 2010 Winter

Yin Enhui’s winter advertisements for Puma South Korea in 2009 have shocked the public. This time, Yoon Eun-hye again showed a sexy + cute + bizarre Yoon Eun Hye Style that was different from the general sports brand image for the 2010 Puma. This film also joined the behind-the-scenes planni

Knitted fabric against the rising trend

Following the good trend of the last few days, the sales volume of knitted home improvement fabrics in China Textile City has expanded in recent days. There are more varieties than in the past few days, and the demand for goods increases in batches. The quantity of goods sold in batches keeps incre

Hangzhou influx of people for Lanvin

The Qianjiang Evening News reported that Vientiane City, which normally opened at 10:00 in advance, reached 5 o'clock in the morning, not enough! H&M, which is usually opened at 10 o'clock in the morning, will be 8 o'clock earlier. Not enough! Yesterday, as one of the five

Spring and Summer 2012 Women: Urban Explorer

Leading Word: Loose and cool, the overall profile exudes a casual feel. Different textured fabrics create interesting dresses, create fresh contrasts, and create a unique urban style. The young attitude is not to go through the routines and become the focus of the crowd in any occasion. This group

REACH regulation registration countdown

From the first registration deadline date of the REACH Regulation (EU Chemicals Registration, Assessment, Licensing and Restriction Regulations) - November 30, 2010, less than one month is left. How can we take advantage of the effective time to complete the registration? Under what circum