TITI fashion depicts the romantic fashion art

TITI , a city of fashion, casual hedonistic style. Pursue a natural, casual state of life. Gives the feeling is tasteful, comfortable, delicate, affinity, elegance, fashion, casual, beautiful. TITI target customers: Age: 25-35 years old, mainly women around the age of 30 mainly. TITI market positi

Color Flame Candle Making Example

Hair coloring agent solution: A coloring agent was obtained by dissolving 12 g of lithium chloride and 0.1 g of polyvinyl ether glycol in 87 g of water. Oxidation-accelerating catalyst: Dissolve 0.1 g of chloroplatinic acid in 200 ml of water. Add 5 g of oxime to the solution and stir. Ad

Return to the rustic civilian trend in the 1970s

Lead: In the Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2011, the 'civilian fashion' of the 1970s returned strongly, the rustic 'village costumes', casual bohemian dresses, rebellious bell-bottom pants and a sloppy neutral dress. The tricks that palace-level designers love to play, fashion masters

19, Garden Street, I wish you a happy New Year

Happy Rabbit rabbit lucky I wish you all Happy New Year, Garden Street, No. 19, all the ladies fashion wishing everyone a happy start! No. 19, Garden Street Fashion Women (NO.19) Main 18-35-year-old women's fashion, the pursuit of fast fashion, mix and match, romantic style, full upgrade of

"NIERLI Nelly Li" brand underwear noble example

"NIERLI Nelly Li " brand underwear , creating a fashion industry boutique, underwear noble model. On the one hand to absorb the essence of European classical culture, the pursuit of simple design style and sophisticated inherent quality, on the other hand using domestic and foreign fashi