Design and Creative NighKee Serie by Phoks

The French art director Phoks recently showed some of his personal collections of digital media. The cg picture of Nike sneakers as a leading role has not been recognized by Nike. The work embodies unique imagination. The Nike in the picture bears hope, dreams, technology, and fragmented life. It i

Sending samples by the previous time is better.

The step in the business to send samples shows that we have approached success. However, the beginning reminds everyone: just a step closer to success, not to say that after your sample is sent, you will be able to get an order! I have already talked to you about a lot of thi

Wearing soft shoes easily cause foot pain

An old patient's daughter accompanies her to see her, and I routinely ask how her feet are. The patient's answer surprised me. "It only took a week and it hurt again." She had pain in her heels and gave me a shot. So many years ago, I had a lot of treatment for patients with pain

Corporate marketing troika

The core issue of successful marketing is the advantage of differentiation. At any time, enterprises and products must have the differentiation advantage that competitors do not have. This is also the secret of the success of the company. With these, the rest is the propaganda

How to wear high heels fashion

Shoes share experiences with women. No matter what stage of your life you are, regardless of being fat or thin, your shoes will always be with you. In the American TV drama “Sex and the City,” the heroine’s biggest hobby is to buy shoes. A variety of expensive high-heeled shoes

Six strategies for brand naming

Brand naming is a kind of difficult mental work. It is a very brain-intensive work. Only by paying attention to strategy can we get twice the result with half the effort. As for the strategy of brand naming, there are many tactics. Due to space limitations, here are six common