Guangzhou SSND brand fashion women's fashion industry inspired muse

Kate Moss is not a supermodel in the traditional sense, but she never makes any disguise herself. Her little freckles and indifferent eyes always make people feel the strong vitality behind the clothes.
She plays the legend all the time. Her style subverts the aesthetic point of view of this era. Young, modern, chique, funky, decadent, rock, and even anti-tradition. Kate Moss carries a mischievous mischief. Active at the forefront of fashion.
Marc Quinn, who created a pure gold sculpture for Kate moss, said: "I think the master of the sculpture I created myself is the one that best represents and interprets the definition of beauty in this era." Although there is no beauty in the allure, charming sexy, and elegant manners, but neither haughty nor humble, insist on doing their own Kate has become the legend of this era.

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