"Xiuwai Huizhong, beautiful woman" fiber K & CH brand ladies 09 hot investment ...

Baili Enterprise is an enterprise group integrating brand operation, product research and development, manufacturing, and franchising. Founded in 1993, Guangzhou Baili Garment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ruili Garment Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou City Yuli Garments Co., Ltd. The company is composed of Chongqing Baili Garment Co., Ltd. and is the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification. It is dedicated to the market construction and brand promotion of professional women's clothing, handbags, women's shoes, accessories and other products, shaping the career women's show. "External · Huizhong, beautiful woman" intellectual image.

“Fiber K&CH” is a fusion of French romance and refined culture. It combines the subtle, elegant and moving image of Oriental women, and is tailor-made for professional women aged 30-45. They are not only generous, mature and intelligent, but also able to perceive the world with wisdom and to conquer the world with beauty. They are freed from the hustle and bustle, fully enjoy their lives and treat themselves. They pay attention to their own maintenance and the matching of clothing, and they also understand how to maintain their health and beauty. The beauty and inspiration of "Fiber K&CH" can always surprise them, constantly awaken the beautiful dreams in the heart, and shape the intellectual image of professional women, "Xiuwai Huizhong, beautiful women".
"Fiber K&CH" not only provides beautiful dress for the majority of women, but also makes hundreds of franchisees successful ventures, and has accumulated many years of branding and has become a very small number of markets that can simultaneously adapt to the development of primary, secondary and tertiary markets. The clothing brand, hundreds of brand stores in a wide range of consumer markets in mainland China, was considered by many experts in the industry as the most suitable women's brand in the Chinese market franchise business. Details enter:

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