Elegant and mature spring and summer with a guide to Taihe fashion about

Elegance may be just a spring, gentle and gentle full of sophistication; maturity may be just a ray of summer wind, soft and strong full of cute.

TAHAN Taihe Women's interpretation of the new life of independent women, romantic and classical seeking to combine, trying to create a new, Chinese-style women's image to become China's own senior women's spokesperson.

优雅成熟春夏搭配指南 太和时尚之约

This Taihe women's jumpsuit skirt, vertical European crop, the perfect S-curve, the pace between the swaying posture. Dark black use, like the elegant queen came out of the castle.

优雅成熟春夏搭配指南 太和时尚之约

Dark graffiti abstract design, will not be too dark and too old, nor too naive and naive. Occasionally green embellishment, so that this dark dress skirt looks elegant and slightly mature and slightly playful.

TAHAN Taihe let you be a fashion queen.

Indoor Slipper

Products name:Cheap and beautiful wholesale indoor slipper

Out sole:EVA & TPR.

Size: 29cm as normal,size customized.

Upper materrial: fleece.

Logo:offset printig logo, embroidery, hot-trans-printing.

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Detail: 50-200 pairs per carton as request.

Delivery Detail: 30days.


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