Aimer kids | together to count baby underwear economics

"Anyway, underwear will not be seen, almost on the line."

"Children grow too fast, too expensive to buy so expensive underwear."

A lot of parents think that underwear for children just to cover up private parts, the growth rate of children will make the use of underwear time, so many parents are more willing to spend money on the purchase of a beautiful coat.

However, we ignore the quality of children's underwear, there may be harm to children.

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Why is underwear so important to children?

Inferior dyes and formaldehyde content of underwear fabrics on the child's respiratory and skin irritation is not inferior to worse than the bad air environment. Children's underwear shrinkage if they do not meet the normal national standards, it will affect the child's limb activity.

Aimer kids | 一起来算账 宝贝内衣经济学

Child physiology tells us that children's skins are very different from adults

The skin surface area is bigger, the safety of all external contacts is more demanding;

Children's skin is relatively thin, especially the stratum corneum, because the child's sebaceous gland immature, more susceptible than adults;

Children's skin more sensitive, easy to contact with the stimulus, causing a greater possibility of allergic reactions.

Together to calculate accounts, baby underwear economics

Dare to take their daily consumption and good quality baby underwear price to a small match it ~

Cut a bangs VS personal briefs (about 60 yuan)

Aimer kids | 一起来算账 宝贝内衣经济学

Amy's mother often change hairstyles, you know an ordinary cut hair money can buy a baby panties for children.

A KTV Hi song VS soft vest (about 140 yuan)

Aimer kids | 一起来算账 宝贝内衣经济学

May wish to reduce the number of singing karaoke OK, select a soft vest for children.

A bottle of lotion VS comfortable warm clothing (about 200 yuan)

Aimer kids | 一起来算账 宝贝内衣经济学

Careful mother found that the same cost, a set of high-quality underwear to bring children's safety and comfort far more than you inadvertently a fast food purchase?

Aimer kids Natural gifts warm sun

Recently the temperature plunged in the north, winter comes early, mothers should pay attention to the children to add warm clothing Oh. Love children rich warm clothing products, so warm and safe to accompany the growth of children! Buy a wonderful than choose a love, gorgeous dress can not replace the inherent comfort and warmth. Good quality underwear care of the child's body. Let pure underwear as a mother's love, care of children healthy and happy growth.

Aimer kids | 一起来算账 宝贝内衣经济学

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