Do you know why Thanksgiving behind the single section?

Do not say you only know double eleven! How can you afford an overloaded shopping cart without the other half?
So, tomorrow or honestly had a single section!
Then on the 26th,
Please be willing to have a happy Thanksgiving.

Talking about gratitude,
How is your predecessor? OK, do not answer, I see the dark days outside.
In fact, no need to take advantage of this single section let us first thank you for your predecessors okay?
Thanks to his non-marriage, you have a chance to continue FIND THE ONE.

So now I know why Thanksgiving follows closely behind a single section?

Of course, if your predecessor is still your current incumbent, you can thank him very much.
To know that in the vast ocean will eventually find you the low probability,
Like in the mountainous shopping cart to find the favorite one!
Thanksgiving him, all the way hard to find you.

Well, I heard a lot of people want to thank the predecessors in the single section, let's see it.

黛安芬 - Triumph

Thanksgiving fiance in the week before the ballot, let me now account of this is still unmarried state. Mu Yi Xin uh, you can still bless you Tao sound still forever?

Thanksgiving predecessor was led endless work overtime, so my salary can be saved. - Little live you have single section. . .

Thanks to the former boring like a boiled water, timid like a rat, so I can decisively cut him off with my hand. . . --sally hahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I am grateful to my predecessor for promises I did not realize. Today I will be so relaxed and comfortable. - August Yin Wei vaguely saw a lightning split

Can this form, a good gratitude into a Tucao, you can not feel good grace?

Grateful to others outstanding incumbent, let me continue to live in the shadow.
- 西西 又 偏 偏 了, 又 偏 偏 了! Please pull back!

Thanks to his predecessor unconditional tolerance, let me be such a good time, I wish you happiness in the future.
- Big Meng really is a good sister.

Good, close! Single section thanks to his predecessor. . . However, Thanksgiving is coming soon, do not be grateful to parents? .

Thanksgiving Dad, without your harsh education there is no small success I now.
- Small town in the South Well, this is Thanksgiving the tone of the thing.

Thanksgiving mother, I let you cowardly learn to be strong.
- quietly listening to the song so great hemp, or do you want to send a Triumph said it?

Well, although we are very sensible, but hesitate or hemp must hope you do not have a single section Oh!
Triumph Dai is still grateful for the club, so that you can find the one most suitable for you!

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