Nalu more women's short jacket recommended small suit

Suit for a long time is the exclusive men, because it can effortlessly show men upright posture and enduring. But now with the development of the epidemic, it is no longer the era where only men wear suits. The styles of ladies' suits are also emerging one after another, giving consumers more choices. Xiao Bian to introduce the following is the two new short Nailu suit small suit.


Lemon yellow, fresh and natural, shoulder-handling, taking full account of the needs of girls with narrow shoulders, just like the model on the shoulders, with the same style shorts, handsome and a woman, full of aura.


Red brisk yet elegant, round neck design like a model inside the same take a doll collar shirt and suit shorts, or dress directly on the outside are a good choice, wearing a suit coat only belongs to a woman's feel ~

Come and choose a suit that suits you best.

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