Shenzhen Shuibei advocates the protection of intellectual property rights in gold jewelry

April 26 is the eighth World Intellectual Property Day. In order to improve the protection awareness of intellectual property rights of gold jewellery enterprises, safeguard the intellectual property rights of gold jewellery enterprises, and promote the further development of jewellery enterprises, the IP Day activities on the theme of “protecting intellectual property rights and promoting innovation and development” will be held in Shenzhen Water on April 25th. Bewanshan Jewelry Park held

Shenzhen Shuibei Gold Jewelry Industry Cluster is China's jewelry jade jewelry specialty industry base. The region's gold jewelry enterprises continue to increase brand building and independent innovation, processing technology and technology continue to improve, and applied for some inventions and practical patents, and A large number of appearance patents. On the day of the event, dozens of gold and jewellery companies participated in on-site interactive Q&A, and discussed how to improve the importance of intellectual property protection of gold jewelry enterprises and further protect the intellectual property rights and infringements of jewelry enterprises.

The event was jointly organized by Shenzhen Luohu District Science and Technology Bureau, Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association and 20 gold and jewellery companies. Li Shujun, deputy head of Luohu District, pointed out that under the international background of knowledge economy and economic globalization, the implementation was vigorously implemented. The intellectual property strategy is a key link to improve the regional innovation system and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry and the region. The core of the implementation of intellectual property rights is to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, adhere to the principle of “increase protection, protect and promote innovation” and the guiding principle of “industry first, enterprise is big”, and highlight industrial independent innovation.

A representative of a participating jewelry company said that under the current situation of serious homogenization of jewelry products, it is very important to establish intellectual property rights and protect intellectual property rights for the healthy development of the jewelry market. Enterprises should actively understand more laws on intellectual property rights. Knowledge, proactive protection of intellectual property rights.

The event also attracted the participation of many jewellery practitioners and the general public. The staff distributed information and brochures on intellectual property to the masses and publicized the knowledge of intellectual property protection. The organizers also organized a variety of cultural performances and interspersed with questions and answers about intellectual property protection, attracting more companies and people to participate in the event.

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