China firmly opposes the auction of Yumingyuan at Yuanmingyuan

The Chinese side firmly opposes the auction of Yumingyuan at the Yuanmingyuan Garden Recently, Yuan Shankai, a former curator of the Beijing Imperial City Art Museum and a consultant for the Beijing China Heritage International Exposition, confirmed that a cenotaph dedicated to the emperor of the Qing dynasty, which had been lost from the Old Summer Palace, will be auctioned on December 17th at the Eide Auction House in Paris, France. After the news broke out, the China Society for Culture and Development ** National Security Project Public Welfare** (original salvage of lost cultural relics special projects**) stated that it was firmly opposed to auctioning of cultural relics and hoped that the auction house would withdraw the relevant auction items as soon as possible. However, for the relevant cultural relics, it does not force a return. The National Public Welfare Project’s Public Welfare Section believes that the return of the tainted cultural relics should be rationally put forward and reasonably implemented under necessary and sufficient conditions. This requires an opportunity, and it requires a lot of mutual understanding and joint efforts.

The European Association for the Protection of the Chinese Artists ** Gomez also had contact with Ade auction house to negotiate the withdrawal of related cultural artifacts, but the results of the negotiations were not satisfactory. Some insiders believe that if the auction is held as scheduled, the auction house's business in China will be affected. After all, Chinese collectors are the main force of Chinese ancient art collection on the international market. China is also the biggest market in this area, and the future has great potential. . And call collectors from China and other countries not to participate in the auction.

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