BLACKSILK - The last secret of a woman's closet

At the end of the 16th century, the Eighth Religious War broke out in France. Just as the Protestant and the old religions wandered, the young Earl was sent to the front line, while the Princess was accepting the Adult Etiquette, intoxicated with a girl's dream of marching towards women. The war lasted for ten years. The count, after years of heroic fighting, has become the supreme commander, but he has always felt lonely when exhausted. Princess experienced years of baptism, more beautiful and moving, has long been looking forward to a beautiful love, but did not find the hearts of the prince. Enemies can not break the Earl's deployment, but also think of other laws. So sent a million kinds of maids, lurking to the Earl of the barracks, won his trust and serve its left and right, and gradually Earl of perennial fighting loneliness and martyr emotional offensive and addicted to the wine, flawless attention to war. The war retreats, the state is at stake, the old king is old and inadequate. After the princess learned of the incident, she was ordered to the king and rushed to the front with her attendants. The princess saw the maid's trick, but can not help Earl quickly cheer up. Bad mood as the bad weather, the face of full wardrobe beautiful clothes, beauty of the princess are overwhelmed. When she saw the deepest wardrobe at the rainbow-colored silk stockings, suddenly had the idea, the mood has become better together. Princess wearing stockings is like magic wizard, wherever he went, morale, victory. The princess accompanied the count to continue the war of resistance for three years, the war was victorious, and the princess also harvested her own happiness. To commemorate the story of the princess winning wars and love, people call black princess black stockings BLACKSILK and consider it the last secret of a woman's wardrobe.

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