SHOWY & CO.2013 Summer "fantasy trip" new conference ended successfully

December 7, 2012, Bangchen Clothing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.'s "SHOWY & CO." Brand in the popular star Zhou Weitong, supermodel Yu Na, Gan Tingting join them in their portrait, the backbone of Chinese society, white-collar women's favorite middle and high end apparel brand - "SHOWY & CO." 2013 new conference stunning debut in Shenzhen OCT Black Forest International Ballroom.


The show also featured a "fantastic journey" as the theme, presenting the dream of a dream and brand style as a unique dream of a wonderful fantasy journey through a large-scale art dynamic show, a three-dimensional space stage, props and lights. So watching the mood of people follow the plot in-depth ups and downs, lead us back to the era of luxury, romantic, at this time not only let us see the world, it seems more like we are involved, we created a trip, or travel to create we. Life itself is a kind of travel, it will lead us to go through to your spiritual dream, make you a dream come true, let you feel a fashion visual feast!


SHOWY & CO. "Fashion women , closely European fashion essence, highlight the sexy personality, focus on quality of life. Its design emphasizes comfortable soft sensuality is the perfect presentation of women's freedom of life attitude in the unique and elegant style, exudes elegance and neat, successful self-confidence The charming atmosphere, publicity personality, independent temperament and confidence at an exhibition exhaustive detail design in place, exquisite workmanship exquisite femininity exudes feminine products.

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